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Dust Review

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

In her retelling/sequel to Peter Pan, Kara Swanson breathes new life into the beloved classic! With some amazing new characters, as well as many familiar (and a few brilliantly re-imagined) ones, Dust brings this timeless story into the 21st century while still keeping a whimsical, fairy-tale feel.

Six reasons to read this book:

1. The writing style—it’s relaxed but engaging; beautiful and inviting. The descriptions are immersive and vibrant, but never extend past their welcome or distract from the story.

2. The theme of light shattering though darkness. The constant push and pull of light against darkness was written with such skill and finesse that it delivered the perfect amount of emotional depth without feeling dark or depressing. There was a wonderful thread of hope that really shone through at just the right moments.

3. The subtle but beautiful romance—I loved it. There are some utterly adorable moments! It doesn’t overpower the plot, though, but rather enriches it, adding layers of complexity to the story.

4. The fact that each character is on an individual journey—none of them have exactly the same goals or motivations, but they all interlace and affect one another, causing many unexpected, beautiful, and heart-breaking moments.

5. The London setting—the aforementioned immersive descriptions truly shine, bringing the city to life.

6. The fantasy threads—I’m generally not a huge fan of the fantasy genre, but Dust just has the perfect amount of fantastical elements to balance out the real-world setting, making for a delightful reading experience.

Recommend to fans of Peter Pan, fantasy (or not), YA novels, and fairy-tale retellings.

5.5 Stars

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